Tech Talk Radio will end on 3rd December 2012

On 20/11/2012 by Ron

The Tech Talk Radio crew

Shack West has been affiliated with the community radio show Tech Talk Radio for a long time.

Executive Producer Andrew McColm recently announced that after eight years, the show would be finishing up in December. Here’s what he had to say at the start of the most recent podcast, episode 411:

Tech Talk Radio will come to an end, as you know it, on Monday December the 3rd, 2012. The website, Twitter feeds and newsletters will continue, and there will be the occasional radio special from time-to-time on 3WBC in Melbourne and on this podcast feed.

For the show to continue in its current form we need sponsorship and advertising to fund it. If your organisation is in a position to help, now is the time to do this. Just contact us via the website.

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