Radio Production and Content Creation

Shack West produces commercial and community radio programs, as well as advertisements and sponsorship announcements.

Contact us for assistance or inspiration with your radio production requirements.

YJ Radio

Back in the early 90s we helped build and operate a “special events” station for the St John Ambulance Australia (Victoria) Cadet Group.

YJ Radio operated from the St John campsite at Wesburn, Victoria, at the annual Easter Camp from 1991 to 2003.

This was an educational and entertaining narrowcast service for the St John cadet community.

Tech Talk Radio

Tech Talk Desk

Tech Talk Radio was produced weekly between 2004 and 2012 from the studios of 3WBC in Melbourne’s leafy inner-east.

The programme was an informative and entertaining technology talk show broadcast live, distributed via podcast and the CBAA Community Radio Network.

Much of the audio pre-production for Tech Talk Radio was undertaken by Shack West.

Tech Talk Radio OB 2010

Setting up the Tech Talk OB 2010 (Photo: Kara Lorgelly Photography)

We also helped to build and operate Tech Talk’s successful Outside Broadcast, from the Sofia Family Restaurant in Burwood East on 6th December 2010.

The Tech Talk Radio OB 2010

On-air! The Tech Talk OB 2010 (Photo: Kara Lorgelly Photography)

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