“We need a professionally produced podcast, but don’t know where to start.”

If you need a podcast produced professionally, Shack West can help.

More than help, in fact.  Shack West does the lot – from script production, recording and editing, right through to online distribution.

If you’ve ever tried to create a podcast, you know there’s more to it than just speaking in front of a microphone.  You need to consider aspects like:

  • professional post-production
  • library music and royalties
  • AMCOS & APRA registration
  • internet hosting and domain registration
  • RSS creation and maintenance
  • embedding images in MP3 files
  • distribution through iTunes

…and dozens of other fiddly things.  This is where Shack West can help.


Here’s what we do

  • Script Production. Have your ideas ready – we’ll come to you, help map-out a Running Sheet and produce a script.  This usually takes a few hours and we’ll get you to sign-off on the final version.
  • Recording. You come to the Shack West studio for recording.  Up to 4 hours voice recording with professional audio equipment.

 – or –

We come to you.  Let Shack West set up a portable mixing desk, microphones and recording system in your office, home or on location. (Extra fees apply – see below.)

  • We edit and post-produce the program.  We’ll edit a program – up to 4 episodes, each up to one hour duration – and send you final low-res versions to make sure you’re happy.  Final sign-off and payment.
  • Distribution. We send you the final versions as a high-quality MP3 file, wave file or format of your choice.  We can also upload to a web server of your choice, DropBox folder, embed graphics for podcast distribution, create and/or update RSS feeds, or liaise with radio stations / networks if the program has been produced to put to-air.


Can we tailor a production package that suits our needs?

Of course.  Talk to us.


The Fine Print


We’re assuming you want to voice your own podcast or radio commercial.  For professional voice overs and readings of your script, an additional fee of $450 applies to hiring a Voice Over artist.


For radio commercials, there are additional fees for booking timeslots with stations and networks.  These fees are outside the scope of this fixed-price production bundle.  Prices on application.

Music Royalties

Shack West is a registered APRA | AMCOS Production Music Client, and our fixed-price production bundle includes licensing and royalties for the Corporate Audio / Promotional (UPD) category, applicable production music up to 30 seconds or part thereof.  To be licensed under these rates, the work that contains production music must consist mostly of spoken words.  For more information visit the APRA | AMCOS website.

Web Hosting

The fixed-price production bundle assumes digital content will be hosted on, or distributed from, your own website.  Ask us about internet hosting packages if you need a unique space to host your podcast.

Recording On-Site

Recording on-site attracts a surcharge for travel and equipment.  Price on application, depending on equipment required.


Contact Us!

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