What’s Happening at Shack West – August 2013

Hi *|FNAME|*,

It’s been a busy few months. Here’s just some of what we’ve been up to:


Office Space

No, not the iconic movie.

Shack West has moved into a new, modern facility with Evolving Communications Partners.

Our new contact details are:

Level 1 / Suite 7
796 High Street
East Kew VIC 3102

Email and telephone numbers remain unchanged.

Swing past soon for a coffee!


Flexible Asterisk at RSG

Ready Set Go is an event planning, management and corporate production company.

RSG had the foresight to install an Asterisk VoIP business phone system, and needed assistance integrating this with desktops on their corporate network.

Shack West was able to assist. Now staff enjoy the flexibility of ‘click-to-dial’ and Microsoft Outlook telephony integration from any workstation.


The Marco Polo Project

Karen & Julien

Karen Pickering and Julien Leyre work on script production for the Marco Polo Project

Shack West is excited to be working with the Marco Polo Project.

This is an initiative which aims to promote better understanding between China and The West through collaborative translation.

As China rises to become a major economic, strategic and cultural power, more and more people are becoming curious about the country. Many students learning Mandarin go to great efforts to translate texts as part of their education, but little of this is used beyond the academic exercise.

Additionally, online content produced in China is predominantly in Mandarin, and only published on Chinese websites. This content provides a unique insight into Chinese society and culture but few people outside the country know where to find it.

The Marco Polo Project aims to make this content accessible to language readers internationally, and Shack West is proud to have assisted with an RSA creative animation promo for the Marco Polo Project.


New Website, New Look & Feel

We hope you find our remodelled website easier to navigate. Many thanks to Elroy Online for all his hard work with this.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions or comments.


And much, much more!

Of course there’s a huge amount more that Shack West does: media production, systems support and integration, even panelling and production management at live events!

We’ll try to keep you abreast of what’s happening with regular updates.

Don’t be a stranger – you know where we are now – swing past if you’re in the neighbourhood.


Best wishes,  Ron.


Ron Killeen
Consultant & Senior Developer
Shack West P/L

email: ron@shackwest.com.au
twitter: @doctaron

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