Farewell Google Calendar Sync

On 09/07/2014 by Ron

If you’re a Google Calendar user who synchronizes appointments with Microsoft Outlook, today could be a bad day.

Google has not only withdrawn support for the free and useful Google Calendar Sync plugin; today they announced the plugin will cease functioning altogether from the 1st of August.

Google's Calendar Sync plugin will cease to function in August 2014

 Google’s Calendar Sync plugin will cease to function from August 2014

Google wants you to pay for Google Apps Sync instead, but there are a number of free alternatives which work just as well.

The developers at Fieldston Software have written a nifty Outlook plugin called gSyncit which syncs your Outlook and Google calendars, in addition to Contacts, Tasks and even Notes if you like. It’s free to evaluate (with nag screens) and costs about US$20 to register.

In November last year, Svetlana at AbleBits wrote a good review of Calendar Sync alternatives. This is worth a read if you’re looking for cloud-based alternatives, and/or you don’t have the necessary permissions to install a plugin on your desktop.

There are still options for syncing your Google Calendar with Microsoft Outlook. It’s just that Google Calendar Sync is no longer one of them.

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