WordPress 3.6 now available

On 06/08/2013 by Ron

We love WordPress. It’s our web publishing platform and CMS of choice. It’s a versatile, mature development platform with an extensive developer community.

The latest version, WordPress 3.6, has just been released. You can download it now.

Here’s what’s new:


  • New Default Theme – Twenty Thirteen
    • Focus on blogging
    • Single column layout with Sidebar / Widgets in the footer
    • Latest Theme Features support, particularly Post Formats
    • Font-based icons (Genericons)
  • Admin Enhancements
    • Menus UI improvements
    • Revisions revised to be more dynamic and scalable
    • Autosave and Post Locking
    • Preview Audio and Video on Media Edit Screen
    • In-line login following expired sessions
  • For Developers
    • External Libraries have been updated
    • New audio/video APIs give developers access to powerful media metadata, like ID3 tags
    • Filters for revisions, allowing you to set the number of revisions ad hoc instead of only via a define
    • Semantic Markup allows themes to chose improved HTML5 markup for comment forms, search forms, and comment lists
    • Search content for shortcodes with ‘has_shortcode()’ and adjust shortcode attributes with a new filter

Some of What’s New


  • Use digraphs for German umlauts in ‘remove_accents()’
  • Use Ellipses instead of …
  • Consistently apply ‘register’ filter
  • Automatically ‘esc_url()’ the URL echoed by ‘the_permalink()’
  • Allow developers to specify an Accept-Encoding header in WP_Http::accept_encoding()
  • Pass tag object and args array to topic_count_text_callback from ‘wp_generate_tag_cloud()’
  • Use ‘wp_unslash()’ instead of ‘stripslashes_deep’
  • Improve the performance of ‘backslashit()’ by avoiding regular expressions
  • Disallow accidental or negligent deregistering of critical scripts in the admin. Covers jQuery, jQuery UI, Underscore, and Backbone
  • Remove ‘the_title_attribute()’  from anchors with ‘the_title()’ as text
  • Display username (user_login) rather than user_nicename in Toolbar below username


  • The Revision Management UI saw significant improvement
  • Shortcode attributes can now be filtered via shortcode_atts_$shortcode hook
  • The ability to change post formats was removed from Quick Edit
  • A ‘not_found’ label was added for non-hierarchical taxonomys
  • Better UX for dealing with multiple users editing the same content (aka Post Locking)
  • Audio/Video support: more info


  • Add ‘oEmbed’ support for Rdio and Spotify
  • .webm (video/webm) was added to the MIME types list
  • The Media Library can now be sorted by Author name
  • Bug fixed where initial gallery link-to setting wasn’t applied
  • Return from ‘image_downsize()’ earlier if a custom resize function is used
  • Orientation information was added to items in ‘gallery_shortcode()’
  • New Audio and Video previews are available on the ‘Media > Edit’ Screen
  • Added ‘wp_audio_shortcode()’  and ‘wp_video_shortcode()’


  • Improve ‘wp_list_comments()’ markup
  • Add the ability to use HTML5 input types in the comment form


  • The Navigation Menus UI got a significant refresh
  • The Customizer can now be accessed via the Appearance menu
  • Screen options can now be added to the ‘Appearance > Widgets’ Screen


  • Prevent plugins from overriding jQuery in the admin
  • Prevent plugins with certain filenames from breaking links in the admin menu


  • Remove the three default contact methods (AIM, YIM, Jabber) for new installs.
  • Pass old roles to ‘set_user_role’ action
  • The workflow for deleting users has been improved


  • Allow any post format to be set as default in ‘Settings > Writing’ Screen


  • Better keyboard/screen reader accessibility in the Nav Menus UI
  • Background image’s “select a file” link works with keyboard navigation

Under The Hood


  • Use official MIME types for Windows Media file extensions
  • Redirect after save on options-permalink.php to ensure permalinks are fully flushed
  • Only show database errors if both WP_DEBUG and WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY are enabled

Bug Fixes


  • Pass blog_id to the wpmu_drop_tables filter


  • XML-RPC: Return an error for getRecentPosts (mw and blogger) if the user does not have edit_posts
  • XML-RPC: Standardize home/site url labels with core labels
  • Preserve alpha in ‘WP_Image_Editor_GD’ when images are not resized
  • Make sure WP_Http funnels all redirect requests through  ‘WP_Http::request()’ to ensure the proper transport is used


  • Over 30 new functions have been introduced for developers. Full list here.


  • 11 new filters have been added in existing functions. Full list here.

Scripts and External Libraries

  • Update to jQuery Color 2.2.1
  • Update to Backbone 1.0.0
  • Update to jQuery UI 1.10.3
  • Services_JSON 1.0.3
  • Iris 1.0.3
  • hoverIntent r7
  • MediaElement.js 2.11.1 (New)


  • Deprecate ‘wp_convert_bytes_to_hr()’ in favor of ‘size_format()’
  • Deprecate ‘get_user_id_from_string()’ in favor of ‘get_user_by()’ where `$field` is ’email’ or ‘login’

This feature list was sourced with permission from the WordFence developer team at www.wordfence.com.

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