Australia’s Community Radio network: 10,000 uploads strong!

On 29/10/2012 by Ron
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The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia is the national body which supports the development of community radio stations across the country.

A transistor radioOne of the CBAA’s services is the Community Radio Network, a real-time satellite distribution system providing content to hundreds of metropolitan, regional and rural stations. Contributors upload their programs via a web interface to the Digital Delivery Network (DDN).

Two weeks ago, the CBAA reported its 10,000th program upload to the Community Radio Network via the DDN. This is no mean feat, and the CBAA has every right to be proud of this achievement. With cheaper access to faster internet, contributors have clearly embraced the DDN in place of old-fashioned delivery systems, like mailing audio CDs and memory sticks.

Much of the hard work in developing the DDN has been by CBAA Technical Consultant David Sice. Mr Sice has worked on the design and development of the DDN project since its early days as a capture system for live-to-air satellite delivery, as well as the DDN upload site and its online delivery add-ons.

The Satellite Operations Coordinator at the CBAA, Mr Martin Walters, said there are still some improvements to be made, but in the meantime, contributors should allow themselves a pat on the back.

At Shack West, we think the CBAA deserves a pat on the back too. There are so many regional and rural communities better-off for access to local, well produced Australian content on their community radio stations.

For information about contributing to the Community Radio Network, or accessing its content for your community station, contact the CBAA.

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