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Shack West produces high-quality online video, TV, film and corporate campaigns.

We script, direct, edit and distribute.

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WordPress 3.7.1 hits the streets!

WordPress 3.7.1 has been released. This is a maintenance update which addresses 11...

31st Oct

InsideArt TV Series 2 in production

InsideArt is a television program about artists. It looks at art from...

11th Oct


Do you have an IP-compatible phone system? There are obvious benefits to...

11th Oct

Issues with D-Link Routers

We’ve purchased a number of D-Link DSR-250N routers in recent weeks, for...

10th Oct
D-Link DSR-250N

Why we need an NBN

Shack West recently connected an ADSL service at its new office. The...

27th Aug
iiNet Task List

The Marco Polo Project

Shack West is excited to be working with the Marco Polo Project....

15th Aug
Karen & Julien

Shack West has moved!

Shack West is proud to announce its new office location, working side-by-side...

08th Aug
New office!

WordPress 3.6 now available

We love WordPress. It’s our web publishing platform and CMS of choice....

06th Aug

Cherchez la Femme in Top 10 Melbourne podcasts!

Cherchez la Femme (produced by Shack West) has been named in the...

30th Apr