Jingl – VoIP PBX in the Cloud

On 08/02/2016 by Ron

Voice over IP (or VoIP) has really come of age. Gone are the days of expensive, proprietary PABX systems.

Jingl is a cloud-based VoIP PBX system. It’s feature-rich, competitively priced and easy to deploy.

Jingl is Australian built and Australian owned, and uses open-standards hardware and protocols.

Monthly plans include basic handset connectivity, call routing, auto attendants, call recording, virtual ACDs, conference rooms, simultaneous ring groups, voicemail delivery, custom music-on-hold and much more.

Handsets can be deployed anywhere there’s an internet connection: at your office, at home, even on mobile devices like iPhones and Android handsets. Calls between Jingl’s VoIP PBX handsets are free, untimed and unlimited.

The Jingl VoIP PBX Dashboard

The Jingl Dashboard is an interactive, easy-to-use interface. It’s accessible from any web browser.

At Shack West we specialise in VoIP PBX systems and cloud-based technology. Our VoIP PBX of choice is Jingl.

For more information, contact us today or visit the Jingl website.

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