Google Chromecast: throw from your Android or Chrome web browser

On 19/10/2015 by Ron

“Throwing” video from a portable device to your television is nothing new.

Users of Apple’s ecosystem have long been able to “throw” video from iPads, iPhones and Macs to their Apple TV using AirPlay.

Now there’s a solution for the Android ecosystem: Google Chromecast. At around AU$49.00 it’s pretty affordable, and it’s fully compatible with tablets, smartphones and even Apple gadgets.

The Google Chromecast is a small WiFi-enabled media streamer about the size of a USB memory stick. It plugs directly into the HDMI port of your television and comes with an external power supply.

It’s easy to configure. Just set your TV to the correct input, power-up the Chromecast, and follow the on-screen instructions. All configuration is done from a tablet, smartphone or handheld device. It asks to connect to your wireless network so it can be accessible from any device that’s connected to your WiFi.

Google Chromecast setup screen

Google Chromecast is easy to set up. Simply follow the on-screen prompts.

Google Chromecast makes it easy to throw video from your Android phone, Android tablet or iPad. You can also share tabs from your Google Chrome web browser on your PC by installing the free Google Cast extension. YouTube supports Chromecast inside its web player, and you can even mirror your Android phone with the inbuilt Cast function.

There’s also an ever-increasing application library which integrates distribution platforms like Netflix, Stan, Pandora and Quickflix amongst others.

Google Chromecast updates to the latest software

During setup Google Chromecast will update itself to the latest software.

If you need assistance sharing video, screens or online content at home or in the office, talk to us about the best solution for you. We think Google Chromecast makes a great addition to the digital living room or content-rich office space.

Streaming to Google Chromecast from an Android handset

Google Chromecast makes streaming from your Android smartphone a breeze.

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