Delicious Dips!

On 09/12/2013 by Ron

Chris' Dips Facebook

Shack West was live-tweeting, Instagramming and Facebooking last week, during an online content shoot with ECP for Chris’ Delicious Dips.

Chris’ Dips is a Melbourne-based producer of fine Greek dips and yoghurts.

We had a great deal of fun working with Evolving, as well as David, Scott and Andrew from Camera Crew.

We also ate more than our fair-share of delicious dips and freshly-cooked food.

Many thanks to all the hard work on camera by Nellie, and the enormous efforts behind-the-scenes by Tami and Lisa.

Here are some pics from the shoot. Enjoy 🙂

Chris' Dips - Nellie & Andrew 2

Chris' Dips - Nellie to camera 2

Chris' Dips - Nellie 1

Chris' Dips - Nellie 2

Chris' Dips - Nellie 5

Chris' Dips - on the grille!

Chris' Dips - feastChris' Dips - Nellie to camera 1

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