The Marco Polo Project

On 15/08/2013 by Ron

Shack West is excited to be working with the Marco Polo Project.

This is an initiative which aims to promote better understanding between China and The West through collaborative translation.

As China rises to become a major economic, strategic and cultural power, more and more people are becoming curious about the country. Many students learning Mandarin go to great efforts to translate texts as part of their education, but little of this is used beyond the academic exercise.

Additionally, online content produced in China is predominantly in Mandarin, and only published on Chinese websites. This content provides a unique insight into Chinese society and culture but few people outside the country know where to find it.

The Marco Polo Project aims to make this content accessible to language readers internationally.

Shack West is proud to have assisted with an RSA creative animation promo for the Marco Polo Project.

Karen & Julien at Shack West HQ

Karen Pickering and Julien Leyre during script production for MPP’s RSA Animate promotion

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