The ABC Thinks Quick: Dr Who on iView, straight after BBC

On 28/08/2012 by Ron

The ABC announced today, on its official blog, that the next season of Doctor Who will be available to Australian viewers on its ‘iview’ online catchup service, within hours of it being aired on BBC television – even before it hits free-to-air in Australia.

Dr Who

An ABC spokesperson said, “For Doctor Who fans, it is a fantastic opportunity to see new episodes within hours of them premiering in the UK.” In its blog post, the ABC says Doctor Who: Asylum of the Daleks will premiere on iview Sunday 2nd September from 5.10am EST, while season seven starts on ABC1, Saturdays at 7.30pm, from 8th September.

This is a very clever move by the ABC. The decision has been lauded by fans on social media, many of whom would otherwise have used file sharing to obtain the episodes illegally.

A main driver of video piracy is accessibility. If Doctor Who fans want to see the audacious Doctor’s exploits and enjoy the program with friends and family, tech-savvy enthusiasts won’t tolerate a two or three week delay in air-time.

As Luke Hopewell says at popular technology blog Gizmodo, “the episodes [are] so accessible that anyone with an internet connection can get access to them legally”.

We hope this is a positive sign of things to come in the Australian television industry.

Read the ABC’s announcement.

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